Therhis Y. Martel


Therhis Martel
- Catfolk
- Unchained Rogue
- Chaotic Good
- Male
- Twenty-two
- 5’ 2" @ 145lbs

Character Traits
- Always has a back-up plan in case things go wrong
- Has an eye for valuable things and will often go out of his way to obtain them
- When told he cannot do something, he seeks to prove them wrong
- Once someone gains his trust however, he will protect them with his life and will not steal/betray them, like his close friend Kumar
- If he is betrayed, Therhis will show no mercy to the betrayer
- Tends to take from the rich and give to the poor, although by “the poor” it usually means himself

- Overly friendly and playful even when the time is not appropriate
- Tends to get along with people he meets
- Is driven by revenge
- If he takes on a job or quest, he will finish it to the end no matter what
- Is not easily discouraged when he fails at something. he will keep trying

Character Flaws
- Tries to bear the world on his shoulders, doesn’t open up to most people easily
- Lets emotions make a lot of his decisions and is quick to make said decisions
- Uses his playful nature to deceive/lie to people, even those “close” to him
- Usually will choose money or rare loot over his friends
- Tends to get a little carried away when drinking

Known Languages
- Common
- Catfolk
- Rahjah
- Rokugan
- Sign Language

Fighting Style
- Uses sneak attacks when able
- Uses two-weapon fighting to dual wield either two daggers or a set of claw blades
- Wears leather armor for protection
- Tends to utilize poisons on his claw blades and daggers

Skill Highlights
- Dexterity skills primarily used: Escape Artist, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
- Intelligence skills primarily used: Appraise, Craft (Alchemy)
- Wisdom skills primarily used: Perception, Sense Motive
- Charisma skills primarily used: Bluff, Intimidate, Diplomacy, Use Magic Device
- He can buy illegal goods from the Black Market

- His last name comes from the author of “Life of Pi,” Yan Martel
- From years of having nothing to do but watch over the caravan, he is insanely buff for his small stature from constantly working out in his free time


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