Based on the Real World nation of Japan, Yamato is one of the southeastern landmasses of the Crimson Isles. Fiercely independent and somewhat isolationist, Yamato does not carry out much trading with the other nations of the Isles, but handles most of its issues and trade internally, preferring to be self sufficient.

The Island of Yamato is split into a dual caste system of commoners and nobility, where commoners provide the bast backbone of labor and foot soldiers, while the nobility claim elite status in both war and peace. Nobles have almost unlimited freedom in how they interact with commoners, and the split between social status is quite easy to tell based on many factors. For example, commoners generally wear easy to move or work in clothing, and are limited in what weapons they can legally carry.

Restricted Classes

  • Samurai: The Samurai Class is a sect of Warrior nobility native specifically to Yamato. Though outside the islands the class has been spread and practiced by others, within the confines of the islands only nobility are allowed to take up the arms of this warrior caste, and any who pretend to be samurai for whatever reason are generally quickly disposed of. The Samurai class is not found outside the island of Yamato.
  • Yojimbo: Though this is actually an archetype of the Ranger class, other archetypes of which are open to any player, the Yojimbo archetype is considered a member of the samurai order, and recieves similar status, prestige, and limitations.
  • Onmyouji: Magical practitioners licensed by the Shogunate, the Onmyouji is Yamato’s answer to the mainland influenced Wu Jen caster. Rather than simply casting through gestures and invocations, an Onmyouji must create and maintain special charms and origami creations in preparation for any needs they may have throughout the day. The Onmyoji is an exception to the rule of the wizard class disabling, but will not generally be open as a PC class due to heavy government restriction. This Class is not generally seen outside of Yamato